Re: Hiatus

Hello friends.

Forgive the lack of posts as of late but (along with birthday celebrations) I’ve been in Seattle the last several days  to attend a reading of my play, Verse Chorus Verse, at the Seattle Rep. Rest assured that reviews of the latest episodes of Bromance, Rock of Love Bus, and Confessions of a Teen Idol will be posted within the next couple of days.

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in Olympia, Washington (Kurt Cobain’s old stomping grounds and the home of K Records), sipping some delicious hot chocolate and amazed that it’s not raining. Expect a few more thoughts on this trip with future posts, but I will add this post-script:

I’m staying with an amazingly friendly and talented playwright, Bryan Willis, and his wife and son. I found out this morning that after spending a great deal of the evening noshing and conversing, their 9-year old son asked his mom if I could move in with them.

Is there anything more lightening?

It’s easy to feel old sometimes. That doesn’t mean it’s necessary. There is life. And it happens while you’re unloading box after box of baseball cards from the trunk of a car under a warm, wet Northwestern sky.

No revelation. Just a reminder.



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One Response to “Re: Hiatus”

  1. turpentinestevens Says:

    Every time I read your blog, I have a revelation. And my heart is warmed. And then I miss you even more.

    Yes, this is applied to Sleazy-T posts as well. Those are the greatest revelations.

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